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Which Season is Harmful for Poultry Farms in Pakistan – Poultry Houses Consultant

Conventional Poultry farming business is the seasonal business in the past decade in Pakistan and for all world.

The research and development process in the Poultry business makes it possible to grow Poultry in all seasons and all tropical and subtropical zones of the world.

But after the 1980s, when Poultry farming becomes a professional Business with the invention of Modern environmental control, automation systems for Poultry control houses.

That modern system automatically controls the Poultry houses’ Climate, feeding, drinking, and ventilation system according to their requirements and needs.

Installation of modern and latest Climate control Computers for all Poultry Houses make it easier to service in all seasons.

After this invention, climate control Computers and EC automation systems work automatically and control the Poultry houses according to their physical and environmental needs.

That modern Environmental control system controls your Poultry houses, Climate, feeding, drinking, and ventilation of the Poultry houses as per their age and breed and as per specified SOP’S requirements and needs, automatically with efficiently and effectively.

That system also gave you the daily record of feed used by birds, daily ventilation used by birds, daily water used by birds, and daily production of eggs and their FCR and weight records.

Modern Environmental controllers for all kinds of Poultry houses are equipped with the latest gadgets and many efficient sensors for feeding, heaters, cooling Pads and water, nipple drinking systems.

A water meter is also equipped with Climate controllers for record of water in liters.

A facility of per bird used water and feed records also shown in the Climate controllers for better management.

Also, you can weigh the feed before delivering to the Poultry houses for birds as per their age and breed.

A feed weigher is also installed with the feed silo of all Poultry houses. Feed silos available in different capacities, of tons.

Weighing sensors are installed under the legs of all feed silos for weighing accurate feed in the silos every time.
Also, we can use different features with Climate controllers as per requirements.

Climate controllers are also connected with different alarming systems and Mobil phones for accessibility of watching and receiving all alarming sirens and data.

We can check our Poultry environmental control houses data on our mobile from all over the world.

These all features make us more accessible excess for better management and control.

A modern farm management online system is also available with different controllers for management purposes.

Data loggers are also equipped with that Environmental control climate controllers for records your house, temperature, house Humidity, and ventilation.

It makes it feasible and more manageable to Grow Poultry chicks for all seasons.

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