Agricultural Lands (Sale)

Ref# 0301

250 kanal with electricity and water lake.

Location: Village Bahter, District Attock.

Price: 100k/kanal

Ref# 0302

700 kanal with electricity and water lake.

Location: Village , Muqam, District  Attock. 1.5 km front on Attock Fatehjang road.

Price: 150k/kanal

Ref# 0303

108 kanal with orange 🍊 garden with water drip system n electricity available.

Location: Bahtar Attock

Price: 300k/kanal

Ref# 0304

Isolated land (Not Plain land) 400 to 500 kanal away from village/poultry farms.

Location: Attock , 10 km from GT Road and 20 Km from Attock Ghazi interchange.

Price: 40k/kanal

Ref# 0305

Isolated land 80 k and 50 kanal.

Location: Haji Shah Main Road, Attock.

Price: 200k/kanal

Ref# 0306

Land near Attock river 5000 kanal. 

Location: Village Dakhnair district Attock

Price: 40k/kanal

Ref# 0307

25 Kanal

Location: Dehree Atta Chohan , Attock.

Price: 100k/kanal

Ref# 0308

50 Kanal

Location: Nakdra , Attock.

Price: 100k/kanal

Ref# 0309

31 Kanal

Location: Boota District , Attock.

Price: 100k/kanal

Ref# 0310

25 kanal 

Location: Bariar, District Attock.

Price: 170k/kanal

Ref# 0311

185 kanal Isolated land  Away from village/poultry farms,  water n electricity.

Location: Akhoree, District Attock.

Price: 60k/kanal

Ref# 0312

700 kanal with electricity and water (fish farm)

Location: 3 km on link village, bariar, Fatah jang road district, Attock.

Price: 125k/kanal

Ref# 0313

3000 kanal with electricity and water

Location: 3 km Fatah jang road, village,bariar, district  Attock

Price: 100k/kanal